At Neither Nor, we believe every shape is worth celebrating. We style 5 distinct body types to make them look and feel their best.


Neelu Trivedi's body shape is an inverted triangle, with really nice broad, athletic shoulders and beautiful, toned legs.

She wears a statement top with a cutout neckline to emphasise her neckline & waist, paired with a ‘Skouser’ to accentuate her lower body. The A-line fit and flare skirt cinches at the waist, giving the illusion of curves and balances out the broad shoulders.


Pratima Soni embodies a rectangular body shape, boasting well-aligned shoulders and hips with a slightly undefined waist and an athletic frame.

Leveraging a flattering open neckline, attention is drawn to the bust, cleverly creating the illusion of curves. The waistline is elegantly defined through empire lines, both in an Anarkali ensemble and a detailed jacket, adding dimension and shaping the silhouette. Layering, exemplified by the jacket, introduces visual interest.

These tips enhance Pratima’s rectangular body shape, achieving a balanced and shapely appearance effortlessly.


Priyanka Modi, an apple, has got broad shoulders and a narrow hip. A hip-length structured jacket buttoned at the waist defines the waist creating shape while wide-legged trousers add the illusion of height whilst also creating an overall A line silhouette. The slim V neckline helps to elongate the torso and draws attention away from the midsection.

Remember to embrace your features and wear clothes that make you feel confident.  


Santoshi Jain's hourglass silhouette comes with defined curves, a narrow waist, and balanced shoulders and hips.

A V-necked blouse complements the natural curves of the hourglass shape. It draws attention to the décolletage and creates a balanced, elongated look, while the Chanderi sari highlights her curves without adding bulk to the frame.

Avoid overly loose or boxy styles that may hide your curves.

Remember to enjoy experimenting with different styles to find what makes you feel confident and showcases your hourglass shape.


Dhyuti Patel falls under a pear-shaped body type with a well defined waist and full hips and thighs.

The open neckline and embellished short top draws attention to the upper body. This textured A-lined jacket adds length to her body and balances the proportions. The wide legged trousers give the appearance of length and minimise the attention to the thighs and hips.